The Barbary Powers Wars were the first wars officially declared against America following our victory in the War for Independence [New]
Muslim terrorists from five different Islamic nations (Turkey, Tunis, Morocco, Algiers, and Tripoli) were making indiscriminate attacks against the property and interests of what they claimed to be "Christian" nations (America, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, etc.). These Muslim terrorists (called Barbary, that is, barbaric "pirates" by most Americans) attacked American civilian and commercial merchant ships wherever they found them, seizing the cargo and enslaving the crew. www.wallbuilders.com/LIBissuesArticles.asp?id=146671

Funny how things jog your memory [New]
by Devvy Kidd
If you think Communism is dead, read no further, go back to your self-induced coma and continue believing all the news that's fit to fake every evening on ABC, CBS or NBC. If you want to learn more about the underpinnings and planning that has been going on behind your back while you've been out busting your gut to earn a living for your family, I hope you will read through this important information. Only by learning how the enemy operates and what they intend, can the people of America learn to start curing the cancer instead of just treating the symptoms.

Do You Know the Full Story Behind ‘The Day the Music Died?‘ Here’s Glenn Beck’s Version [New]
You've probably heard the song a million times. It's a classic. But do you know the full story behind Don McLean's rock 'n roll classic "American Pie" (better known as "the day the music died")? If you thought it was just about the plane crash that killed Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly, you're wrong.
On radio Thursday, February 9, 2012, Glenn Beck revealed the full message behind the catchy tune. What is it? Throughout the song, Beck says, there are warning messages about the deterioration of America...

2016 Preliminary End-of-Year Law Enforcement Officer Fatalities Report [New]
Law enforcement fatalities nationwide rose to their highest level in five years in 2016, with 135 officers killed in the line of duty, according to preliminary data compiled by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF).

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