Individual rights
Attacks on individuals are nothing more than efforts to wrest power from people so that only a few select individuals can legally enforce their will on the rest of us--those with whom they disagree. Individualism is true. Collectivism is false. And even the collectivists know this perfectly well.
LINCOLN said "Study the Constitution!"
"Let it be preached from the pulpit, proclaimed in legislatures, and enforced in courts of justice."
"You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe." John Adams, Second President of the United States.
Also includes the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. 
Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things [New]
by Dr. Joel Wade
The left hates heroes. A hero demonstrates the importance of a single person making big things happen. A hero is an individual -- as opposed to a group, or a tribe, or a "people." A hero defies victimhood, undermining the left's entire world view. Whatever your circumstances, it is the direction and the decision to live with integrity, courage, and resolve - in big and small ways - that builds your own moral sense of resilience and satisfaction.  080320-joel Wade-ordinary People-extraordinary Things 
It's what you say and how you say it [New]
by Bob Burg
Here's a little game I learned from Zig Ziglar which demonstrates how the way you say something can dramatically alter what you mean to say. In this exercise, I want you to accentuate the one word in the sentences below which appears in CAPITAL letters...

It Is What You Say 
ISAIAH'S JOB: We all have a job to do: To keep on changing our own lives for the better and to influence lives we touch [New]
by Claire Wolfe, BackWoodsHome magazine
"Isaiah's Job" is about how to go on when "the masses" and their leaders (and their media, and their intellectuals) are all going a different way than you. It's about being outnumbered — but how maybe that's not as painful as it feels...  1007-claire Wolfe-albert Nock-our Job 
Individualism, the Collectivists’ Nemesis [New]
by Tibor R. Machan
For those who agree with the numbering of everyone in the name of finding the ILLEGALS - read this and you will find where you really sit in the plan of things to come. I have heard from several who have asked how else we can find the ILLEGALS. I can't understand how that question can be asked by those who believe in FREEDOM - maybe they don't REALLY believe in FREEDOM if they are so willing to give up their FREEDOM in order to find the ILLEGALS. They have fallen hook, line and sinker for the game plan:
The Hegelian Principle
Step One: Thesis--create a problem.
Step Two: Anti-Thesis--generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic, hysteria).
Step Three: Synthesis--offer the solution to the problem created in step one.
Goal: Change that would have been impossible to impose on the people without proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two.

What we lack in America is enough people with the guts to remove the traitors in our midst. They will still vote for the lesser of how many evils and then complain about what they get. They will say they have to vote for the WINNER - or they can't vote for a good candidate because *that person can't WIN*. Do they ever sit back and listen to themselves when they utter such stupid things? They are the type who will stick their finger in their nose to stop their leg from bleeding out. Stupidity is not curable and America is filled with those infected and spread by the carriers.
Jackie Juntti, WGEN

080225-individualism-collectivist Nemesis 
by Dr. Joel Wade
The great strength of heart of the conservative is that, as an individual, caring for other individuals, he or she is caring for actual human beings. People are not an abstraction, they are real flesh and blood; as different as can be, but with qualities that we can recognize in ourselves. The individualist is more accepting, more compassionate, more forgiving, because humanity is not a concept; it is the living, breathing person right there. And that person has a unique value all his own.

080523-joel Wade-individualism And Acceptance 
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